3️⃣4️⃣ Lessons In 34 Years

I turned 35 just recently. And as usual, I did a balance of my last year. But, this time I’ve decided to go a little deeper and go back a few more years…34 more precisely.
Here’s a life retrospective with 34 lessons that I (believe) I’ve learned so far.

1) There’s a high probability of finding a lot of cliches.
2) There’s a high probability of not learning anything (or maybe finding it ridiculous) after you reading this. So read at your own risk. 🤷‍♂️
3) There’s no proper order or level of importance. It’s just sorted by the same order that they came to my mind.
4) I might be updating this along the time.

Here it goes…

#1 Experiences vs materialism

#2 Sooner the better

#3 When in doubt, go for it

#4 Dream big…and even bigger!

Don’t hate me. I’m just trying to enjoy life (and UAE national holidays) the best way I can 😎

#5 Never settle, keep trying

#6 Form (new) habits & (healthy) routines

#7 Be (and think) different

#8 If you’re scared, that’s a good sign

#9 Choose your circles wisely

#10 Play sports as much (and as earlier) as possible

#11 It’s a Small World, and a smaller country

#12 Never stop learning

#13 Be a geek, be an intellectual, just be you(rself)!

#15 Don’t overthink. Just do it.

#17 K.I.S.S.

#18 Let it flow

#19 Be thankful and accept the reality

#20 Set your vision, goals, and action steps

#21 Be realistic and (try to) look (always) to the bright side of things

#22 Try multiple dishes. As much as you can until you find “that one”.

#23 Get a job. Have a backup plan. Build a career.

#24 This was my number (when I played as a goalkeeper) for many seasons ⚽🧤

Good old times (especially when I had a lot of hair)!! Find Wally 😂

#25 I’m running out of ideas

#26 Find inspiring sources

I took this picture from a menu restaurant for my birthday dinner. I particularly liked this quote it because reminds me of a few points that I’ve listed here.

#27 Study biographies. Hack yourself.

#28 Optimize and automate things

#29 Glad that I didn’t turn 45

#30 Leave a legacy

#31 My last two seasons (as a goalkeeper) I’ve played with this number

#32 Three things in life changed completely since the moment you born

#33 If you go party, party hard(er)

#34 Whoop whoop! 🥳 I made it, 34. So this one is simple: just enjoy it!

What about you, what are your lessons learned so far?

Comment below, tweet me or email me. Whatever you prefer. See you around! Thanks for reading and stopping by 🙌

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Originally published at https://tiagovalente.pt on October 29, 2020.

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