Since 2021 just kick-off, it’s time to define objectives for your products. Therefore here are some of the best KPIs for App Measuring and Mobile App Analytics Best Practices that you should track 👇 🧵

Before all, the first main driver question is: What are you looking for?

The data that you’ll collect from your apps will only take meaning when you know clearly what your goals are. Identify your goal first and then work towards measuring those goals.

Less is more. If you have multiple goals, you will end up with useless data outputs from your app. Define ONE…

[ This post was originally written in June 2014, on Tumblr ]

Just a few hours from the biggest challenge and adventure of my life. Step ahead, close your eyes, and let the journey begin!

Mental note: just breathe.

Just landed on my first stop, Singapore. Let the adventure begins!

One of the things that we can’t change after we born, although nowadays it’s possible, it’s our name. It’s extremely hard (for all the reasons).

I’ve born, fortunate and luckily (or not) with a “famous” name (including my surname), that was picked by other parents, even from different countries (other parents with good taste ✌️ ).

This doesn’t represent any material or major challenges, however in the internet world, if you don’t exist in Google, you don’t exist. Especially in my area — digital, this is key. Hence, as a digital native guy, ofc I have a personal website. But…

I turned 35 just recently. And as usual, I did a balance of my last year. But, this time I’ve decided to go a little deeper and go back a few more years…34 more precisely.
Here’s a life retrospective with 34 lessons that I (believe) I’ve learned so far.

Disclaimer: 1) There’s a high probability of finding a lot of cliches. 2) There’s a high probability of not learning anything (or maybe finding it ridiculous) after you reading this. So read at your own risk. 🤷‍♂️ 3) There’s no proper order or level of importance. It’s just sorted by the…

The most common and usual challenges implementing Agile within Software development teams.

Photo credits Tim Gouw —

It depends. The common answer. But the truth is that particularly in this situation it really depends on the team maturity level, environment, and industry. However, the most usual challenges that I’ve faced were the followings:

  1. Team rhythm adaptation to the new methodology while it still needs to keep the product development rolling out.
  2. Lack of procedures.
  3. Lack of structured planning and organized meetings.
  4. Difficulties on timing/effort estimation when doing the spring planning (= low level of experience/maturity inside the team).

The solution & answer for most of…

Our aim is to bring together sellers and buyers on our platform and we keep that as simple as possible. We are serving an ever growing audience that is looking for used machines.

TRADUS — Used Equipment for Sale

TRADUS is a Global marketplace for buying and selling heavy machinery. On Tradus you can search for a wide range of used machinery for sale worldwide including trucks and transport, construction and agriculture equipment.

Being part of OLX Group (a Naspers company), benefits of a global network of leading classifieds platforms with presence +45 countries.

Find out more about Tradus

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