Life Begins At the End of Your Comfort Zone

Just a few hours from the biggest challenge and adventure of my life. Step ahead, close your eyes, and let the journey begin!

Mental note: just breathe.

Just landed on my first stop, Singapore. Let the adventure begins!

Singapore from the airplane. Jun 19th, 2014
Singapore views from the airplane. Jun 19th, 2014

First stop…Singapore

First thoughts: great city, lots of tourists (specially from France and China), mix of innovation and beautiful designed architecture with traditional Asian style.
Expected hot temperature check and the characteristics smells in the streets also check.

Mental note: when you heard “it’s not very spicy means it’s a fu**** spicy.

The famous and amazing hotel with an infinite pool in the rooftop.

Clean, organized and very beautiful city, incredible skyscrapers (looks like NYC) and lots and lots of green parks. And of course an authentic temptation for food lovers, where you can taste the real Chinese and other kinds of Asian food. Be prepared, you can do incredible food tours here.

Singapore park

Note to Portuguese people: we have to learn with Asia traditions how to receive the tourists (in particular with Singaporeans), they’re the best welcoming people I ever met.

Eating local crab with a fellow backpacker from Taiwan.

The big advantage of traveling alone without plans is that you can do whatever you want, it’s only up to you. And cool things happen, proof of that is that I and my Taiwan hostel partner were invited to go to the FHM Models 2014 party as a VIP. Which means free food and free drinks. Only because we have met a Singaporean girl who works in one of the sponsors and put as inside. That was awesome!! Thank you so much Hazel! ;)

VIP @ FHM Models 2014 party
Traditional Singaporean breakfast.
Breakfast in a local market.

To conclude, Singapore is a great place, with hot weather and a high % of humidity but it deserves the “sweat sacrifice”. Friendly people, great public transports, beautiful views, great food, and the Santosa island just for having fun.

Totally recommend.

Next stop…Kuala Lumpur, Malasya

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The city that has so big skyscrapers as pollution in the air (which provoques foggy sky) and garbage in the streets. The locals say that they are trying to copy India.

A part of that, which only occurs outside de KLCC (the center of KL city, where is located the Petrona Towers) except the foggy sky, the city is very nice specially about the prices, which for European people it’s almost a paradise.
“The Malaysians are crazy about football, they know everything about the sport but in terms of practical side they are the worst in the earth!!” This was said by a local, who after saying this he felt shamed so asked me to change the subject. The World Cup and Cristiano Ronaldo are subjects that we can easily find in every national newspaper or publicity around the city.

The famous twin towers of Kuala Lumpur, that I missed the view from the top because of the foggy day.

Note to everyone who would like to visit: if you think you gonna be alone in this city, you are completely wrong, I can guarantee you that is one of the city’s where I found more people traveling alone so far.

Tasty and cheap local food in a street restaurant

Cheap and spicy meals, foggy sky with hot weather, malls everywhere (with powerful air conditioning), a lot of temples and traditions and people from all over the world as well. This is how I remember Kuala Lumpur. Of course there is a lot of great other things, like the amazing rooftops with and outstanding view (specially the Heli Bar) and the fact that you can easily find other people with a map in their hands looking for something. You will be easily spotted by other tourist asking you for instructions.

Me being a tourist in KL

Note for the Kuala Lumpur tourist wanna be: always ask for a taxi which use meters or they gonna take advantage of you.

Thailand…Disconnecting from the world

Sauati :)

In the last couple of weeks, I changed the city, country, island, and I didn’t update my Tumblr, sorry about that. The truth is that I need to switch to offline mode, disconnecting from (my) world and (my) reality, and be completely me, myself, and I. Exclusively. Only like this, I will enjoy the fantastic and outstanding journey that I have been living in the last month.

So please don’t judge wrong, don’t be worried and believe me that I will be safe and very well.
Think of me with a smile on the face as I will assure you that I’m gonna do everything I can to put the same smile in mine. :)

I’m not alone, with me are all of you and others fellow backpackers that are traveling alone as I am, looking for the unknown.

As Buddha says:

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream on the future, concentrate your mind only in the present.”

And this is all that I need now.


Note: I promise that in the end, I will post some photos and comments. But for now, I will try to resist every free wifi spot that I will find.

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Tiago Valente

Tiago Valente

Product Manager & apps lover! Enjoy (& write about) building products, personal finance & Self-dev. Subscribe here >

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